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Do you want more influence with those you are and could be leading? When you align your influence to God’s influence your own influence grows. God has given you the ability to influence others via the platform you occupy. By understanding how this platform works you can leverage your influence to benefit those God has trusted you to lead. The Anonymous Leader will help you to do this.

Trying to lead without being selfish and vain?  Enjoy this different angle on Christian Leadership, which still puts your cause first.

Tired of leaders and leadership books that encourage self-serving principles? Are you searching for a way to lead change without changing yourself for the worse? Bestselling author Ralph Mayhew has an unconventional approach that will help you reclaim Jesus’ heart for the people.

Too many leaders are hijacked by themselves and a subconscious desire for fame and ambition. The true leader is much more anonymous, stewarding his or her platform so that the desires of God become the greatest priority for those who follow. The Anonymous Leader teaches gifted leaders like you to change your heart toward your people and lead with more humility.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to make your leadership more about God to make greater things happen to your cause
  • How to develop resilient leadership that lets you overcome any challenge
  • How to see Christian leadership in a refreshing way, even if you would never call yourself “a leader”
  • How to grasp the importance of values and culture to empower and guide more people
  • How to love those you lead to maximize your impact, and much, much more!

Leadership is a God-given opportunity to influence others in a positive way. Using scripture and his own personal experience, Mayhew shares a new perspective on leadership that will ensure the greatness of your cause without encouraging your hungry ego. The Anonymous Leader teaches you to put your desire for acclaim aside for something much more empowering and fulfilling.

If you like practical, easy-to-read, and authentic nonfiction books with Biblical influence, then you’ll love Mayhew’s engaging guide to increasing your leadership capacity.

Buy The Anonymous Leader to discover the true value of leadership today!




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Since its release The Anonymous Leader has become an Amazon Best Seller:

              Ranked #1 in four categories, #2 in the fifth category

              Ranked #1 on both (AUS) and (USA)


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Workbook Companion to The Anonymous Leader – 40 pages (AU$1.99)








In a fresh and inspiring take on Christian servant leadership, Ralph Mayhew explores a new perspective on what leadership is – and how it works – which will revolutionise the way you can impact people’s lives. Speaking to everyone from the emerging Christian leader to mature, seasoned leaders in the church and the marketplace, this book answers the question, ‘How do increase your influence with those you lead, by making sure it’s not all about you?’

The Anonymous Leader is a self-leadership book which leads it’s reader into and exciting new leadership paradigm.

In the context of Christian leadership, the influence you have is only yours because God gave it to you. Therefore excellent leadership is required to honour this gift.

God has given you a platform from which He wants to influence people powerfully through you. If you understand how the platform works you’ll revitalise your influence and become the christian leader you aspire to be, and see massive change happen through your influence.

Go on risk it, buy a copy now!